AlgoFi vault reward performance for Governance period 3

TL;DR: Maximizing our vaulted ALGO with borrowed ALGO yielded more than 2x in governance rewards profit. For the third Governance season we tried the AlgoFi vault for Governance: AlgoFi counts vaulted Algo as collateral that you can borrow against. Borrowing Algo against your vaulted algo has two advantages: You can add the borrowed algo to the vault, thus increasing your collateral and ability to borrow more Algo. You are not exposed to liquidation danger due to price fluctuations between your collateral and borrow value, as they are the same picture price....

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Is It Algorand's Birthday? com

To celebrate Algorand MainNet's third birthday on the 11th of June 2022, we set up a mini-project consisting of a countdown timer to the big day: is it algorands birthday dot com and a midi project that will be revealed there on Algorand's big day. We picked June 11 from Block Zero's timestamp on MainNet: "2019-06-11T00:00:00Z" At midnight the countdown will transition to a web2.0 celebration extravaganza. CSS3 is definitely invited, and even 3D may make a cameo....

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Algod-Loadb: An aware Algod HTTP Load Balancer

So you want to do High Availability Algorand stuff. But algod, your trusty portal to and from the Algorand blockchain, can betray you in a number of ways: It can go down for upgrades. algod must be up to date to keep syncing. It is recommended to set up a cron job to attempt to update algod every day. This will usually include some downtime ~we\ think~ It can go down for not upgrading....

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Our very own community space: /r/D13

As we're launching our first Algorand product soon, we wanted to have a space where people can reach out and talk to us. We were a bit surprised to find that /r/D13 was available as a subreddit! We promptly claimed it and are in the process of filling it out with some content. If you want to ask us anything, feel free to drop by and post. Visit our subreddit: /r/D13

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Every AlgoFi Liquidation: Stats & Data

Following a positive response to a reddit post I made about the need for an AlgoFi borrow utilization & liquidation notification service, Hellen and I started looking into AlgoFi blockchain data relating to lending & liquidations. We prepared a nice spreadsheet with every single liquidation, as well as some nice stats. What's a liquidation? When you take a loan out on AlgoFi, if your collateral's value drops to be worth less than your maximum allowed borrow value*, your account can be liquidated....

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