Is It Algorand's Birthday? com

Is It Algorand's Birthday? com

To celebrate Algorand MainNet's third birthday on the 11th of June 2022, we set up a mini-project consisting of a countdown timer to the big day: is it algorands birthday dot com and a midi project that will be revealed there on Algorand's big day.

We picked June 11 from Block Zero's timestamp on MainNet:


At midnight the countdown will transition to a web2.0 celebration extravaganza. CSS3 is definitely invited, and even 3D may make a cameo.

For 2022, we will make 1096 copies of the fractional NFTs - one for each day of Algorand MainNet operation. They will be available for 3 ALGO, with a limit of 1 per account. But, Clockwatchers who count down the final seconds along with us will get the NFT for free. The NFT will be revealed at midnight.

So, be there on June 11 2022, at midnight UTC.

We serendipitously found the following vanity address under some couch cushions, and we will be minting this and future birthday NFTs with it.


The usual good-faith properties will apply on this and Future NFTs:

  • No Freeze
  • No Clawback

Additionally, all unsold NFTs will be verifiably burned on June 12th, locking them away forever, so in all likelihood the actual circulation will be much smaller.

Happy upcoming Birthday, Algorand. Many happy ROIs.