About the D13.co//ective

We are a developer and maker collective focused on the blockchain space, and more specifically Algorand.

We are Bit, Ryuzaki and Hellen.

Our first mini project was about investigating liquidations on the AlgoFi platform. We are considering creating a notification service that monitors your borrow utilization in order to avoid getting liquidated. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when we're done!

Our first public project is a bit of fun with Algorand MainNet's 3 year anniversary. We hope to establish this into a yearly tradition.

We are also building a general purpose Algorand Rekeying tool. You will be able to query the rekeying status of any Algorand address and perform rekeyings on addresses you control.

Come ask us anything at official subreddit: /r/D13

You can find contact info and socials on our individual member profile pages, linked above.