Celsius DOX name lookup micro-site

Check if you are doxxed in the Celsius filings. Bonus: disclosing Algorand Foundation's Celsius deposits for the first time.

Celsius DOX name lookup micro-site

The Celsius network bankruptcy proceedings have led to a lot of Celsius users' information becoming available on the Internet, courtesy of the US justice system.

The PDF documents have circulated widely, but in case someone wants to just check whether they are included in the two sets of documents we have obtained, we made a micro-site just for that:

This micro-site will only tell you if an exact, specific name exists in either the transactions or the outstanding balance/debts documents:

Once loaded, it operates completely privately and offline - no analytics, no snooping. Feel free to load it up in incognito and go offline before you search, if that's your jam.

Where's the database?

Not here.

The micro-site cannot be used to extract the source PDFs or parsed data. We created 2 bloom filters out of the 565,639 unique names found in these documents and use those instead. You can think of a bloom filter like a probabilistic hash function that maps "name" to "true/false". Reversing it would be considerably harder than tracking down the source documents.

Transactions Document

The transactions document spans more than 14,000 pages, and includes 496,055 individual and company names and 3,168,228 transactions. Note that this is according to our parsing and we could be off by some small margin of error.

It lists transactions - withdrawals, deposits, interest payments - from April 2022 onwards. Addresses are not listed, but exact token amounts are. This is especially concerning, as the exact transaction dates and amounts can lead to association of on-chain addresses with individuals using some elementary on-chain analysis.

As the poet said: Big Fucking Yikes.

Balances Document

The Debts/Balances documents weigh in at 555,984 individual and company names, along with the currencies and amounts that is owed to them by Celsius.

🚨 Breaking: Algorand Foundation's Celsius Deposits 🚨

In what we believe to be a world-exclusive, we present to you the news that the Algorand Foundation had deposits on a Celsius network "earn" account.

In the spirit of transparency and investigative journalism, we present to you the Algorand Foundation Celsius deposits here for the first time:

The Algorand Foundation had 3.316 USDC in a Celsius earn account

3.32 USDC.

Let's take a look at their transactions though - did they move a few mil before the ref blew the whistle?

Nah. That is their single listed transaction.

That's it for now

Summing up:

  • The Algorand Foundation failed to disclose a $3.32 USDC Celsius loss, so get your pitchforks sharpened - and
  • The micro-site is at https://celsius.D13.co/ - and
  • The micro-site source is on Github - and
  • Our Twitter is super interesting.