AlgoFi Borrow Utilization monitoring service

AlgoFi Borrow Utilization monitoring service
excerpt from algofi-lend-js-sdk/src/v1/liquidate.ts

In a few words, we're a bit worried about being liquidated on AlgoFi but we don't want to be checking the utilization every day or stress about percentage drops of X or Y and compound interest rates over Excel.

We built a service for ourselves to monitor the utilization - mostly as a cue to withdraw Algo rewards and repay some of the loans back (thanks, Aeneas!) and for that extra peace of mind.

We asked on Reddit and it seems a few of you want this as well, so we may as well offer to take a few of your Algos for some peace-of-mind as a service.

Despite our tongue-in-cheek writing style and overall informal demeanor, we take what we do very seriously and we will design and implement this in a way that is as foolproof as possible.

We are currently considering what notification channels aside from email and SMS our potential users will be interested in. We got some ideas from you in our reddit post, but if you have something in mind, please let us know publicly here or privately here.

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And we need a name. LiquiFi? NotiFi? NotMeFi? The collective is divided. We can't wait to find out what it will be called.