About Bit

Hey - I'm "Bit", founder of the D13 collective.

I'm a software developer by trade and long time HODLer of various cryptocoinage. I recently got into DeFi and started developing for Algorand. I'm excited for the ecosystem's future - enough to infect others and start this band of spiritual siblings to develop tools and services on Algorand.

You can reach me by email at: bit {} d13 {.} co. PGP key available here.

I'm on twitter as @d13_co and reddit as /u/d13co.

I'm not on discord because I'm old as fuck.

We have a github account here but it is currently empty as our first public repo was somehow disappeared. It was a proposal for an Algorand on-chain identity verification service for email and domains.

"Louis biting his bucket" by Tambako the Jaguar is licensed under  CC BY-ND 2.0